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June 5, 2017
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#221:  The Son of Bigfoot [1] (Trailer)


Instructions:  Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks in the transcript below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but if you're an advanced student, try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video, without looking at the missing words and phrases.  The answers are given at the end of the transcript.

Main Features:  There are two main features in this lesson.  1) You'll hear the word "you" when it sounds like "ya" (twice), including the question "How are you doing?" ("How ya doin?").  2) You'll hear the word "to" five times -- three times when it sounds like "da", plus the phrases "going to" ("gonna") and "I've got to" ("gotta").

Missing Words and Phrases (7):  going to [gonna]; How are you doing [how ya doin]; how to [how da]; I've got to [gotta]; to [da] (twice); you [ya].


Adam …

___________ go.

… is an ordinary kid, but when he discovers the secret of his missing father it will take him on the adventure …


… of a lifetime.

Ah!  Help!  Ah!  Who are you?

I'm not sure ______ break this to you [2], but I'm you're dad.

My dad is Bigfoot?

Yep. [3]

Can my life get any worse?


Am I ________ be like you?

You'd have symptoms by now.

Like hair that grows a foot overnight?  Ah!  Feet that grow through the end of my shoes?

There's one more thing.  You can talk _____ animals.

_________________, fellas?

Pleased _____ meet you, kid!


I left because I was being hunted.  They'll stop at nothing to get what they want. [4]

Dad needs help!  The only way we stand a chance is if we work together. [5]

Everyone ready? [6]

I was born ready.

Let's do it together.

Let a professional show _____ how it's done.

Oh, shoot! [7]


It feels good, doesn't it!

It's the greatest feeling in -- ugh! [8]



The Son of Bigfoot.


[1] Bigfoot = A big, hairy animal that might or might not exist.  Youtube has some videos about Bigfoot.
[2] To break sometime to someone = To tell someone something for the first time that they might not like.
[3] Yep = Yes.
[4] To stop at nothing = They'll do anything to get what they want.
[5] The only way to stand a chance is if we work together = The only way to have a small chance of success is if we work together.
[6] Everyone ready? = The full question is "Is everyone ready?" but sometimes we leave out the first word in a question.
[7] Shoot! = A mild curse.
[8] It's the greatest feeling in = He wants to say, "It's the greatest feeling in the world", but then he hits the tree.


1) I've got to [gotta]
2) how to [how da]
3) going to [gonna]
4) to [da]
5) How are you doing [how ya doin]
6) to [da]
7) you [ya]

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