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Simple Present Tense

We use the simple present tense to talk about regular or habitual actions. It describes facts or things that always happen.

With the pronouns I/you/we/they, regular verbs use the base form in the simple present tense. For example, "I play basketball," or, "We love watching movies."

With the pronouns he/she/it, most regular verbs use the base form with an –s ending, as in, "Devan hates the holidays." When the verb ends with -ch, -sh or –ss, add –es, as in "She watches a lot of TV," or, "He misses his mom."

And remember, you can use "always" in front of a simple present verb to show that something happens all the time.

Simple Present Tense Grammar Quiz

  1. My dog the treats in your pocket.

  2. She in late on the weekend.

  3. He his old job at the warehouse.

  4. The boy the dishes after dinner.

  5. I always basketball at the park when it's nice outside.

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